Radonmatters is a Manitoba based business founded in 2006 and provides quality radon testing and mitigation services. As regional leaders in this industry, we work with homeowners, building owners, and public agencies to reduce radon levels in accordance with Health Canada guidelines. Radonmatters consists of a team of certified and experienced professionals committed to reducing radon exposure and contributing to public awareness efforts on the health effects of radon.

Radonmatters is certified for both radon measurement and mitigation through the National Radon Proficiency Program (C-NRPP) which establishes guidelines for radon professionals. C-NRPP also works closely with CARST and Health Canada to develop and uphold high standards of practice in the industry, support various organizations involved in radon, and increase awareness of radon effects, detection and mitigation.

President - Eric Bjornson

Eric assumed leadership of Radonmatters in 2012.  Eric’s experience with buildings old and new and his passion for energy efficiency and innovation has been valuable as he has managed company growth and development.  He provides ongoing leadership to the measurement and mitigation staff while seeking continual improvement in all aspects of the measurement and mitigation service.  Eric has led the development of the AlphaTracker Radon Measurement system, a system providing affordable and accurate radon measurements across Canada.  He has also led the development of mitigation innovations including a modulating speed controlled radon exhaust fan, and an accurate, low-cost flow meter favoured by radon mitigators.

Eric is a certified CNRPP Measurement & Mitigation professional and is a member of the CNRPP policy advisory board.  He is a regular presenter at the Canadian Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists annual conference and is often asked to present at other events on topics of radon testing and mitigation.

Founder - Harry Johnson

Harry Johnson is the founder of Radonmatters. He has certification in Radon Measurement and Mitigation, and a Ph.D in Medical BioPhysics.   His last career position was head of Radiation Protection Services, CancerCare Manitoba and adjunct faculty in the Department of Radiology, University of Manitoba.

After retiring from a successful career in Medical Physics and Health Physics he recognized a need for a service that would provide homeowners with resources to detect and prevent radon. Since there were very few resources available in Canada, and living in Manitoba where radon is an issue, he investigated products that would best suit the needs of local homeowners.  He completed radon training courses and took the exams to obtain his certification in Radon Measurement and Radon Mitigation.  He then proceeded to subsidize and conduct his own research to assess the frequency with which homes in Winnipeg had radon levels elevated above the Health Canada guideline and to determine how to help in reducing these levels.  He has several years of experience in performing tests in Winnipeg and across Canada and has successfully conducted mitigation in dwellings to reduce radon levels.

Harry was the principal investigator of a Winnipeg – related radon research project funded through the External Research Program of Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation. He is a member of the Canadian Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists and the American Association of  Radon Scientists and Technologists.  Although no longer involved in the day to day operation of Radonmatters, Harry continues to enthusiastically support the evolution of the company he started and provides mentorship to the present management team.

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