The AlphaTracker System

The AlphaTracker Radon Management System uses the accurate, reliable, and widely used Alpha Track radon testing technology along with a secure, paperless, and audit friendly information system to provide efficient and accurate radon measurements for homes or buildings.​

Alpha Track Test Device:

  • CNRPP certified measurement device

  • Application Area: Indoor Radon Test

  • Typical Time of Exposure: 3-12 months (other durations possible)

  • Each detector is individually sealed

  • Independent device analysis by an independent laboratory certified by the Canadian National Radon Proficiency Program


AlphaTracker Information System:

  • Innovative software developed in Canada

  • Test start and end dates entered directly from a computer or smartphone

  • Email confirmation of test registration, and end date submission

  • Email reminder when it is time to end the test (based on test duration chosen by the user during registration)

  • Missing data reminder email

  • Easy to understand electronic radon test report

  • Direct database entry eliminates transposing time and risk of transposing errors

  • Direct database entry of device exposure by laboratory technician

  • Audit friendly information storage ensure data integrity (timestamped database entries by user)

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