Radon Mitigation

If your indoor radon levels are higher than desired, speak with a C-NRPP certified mitigation professional. Typically radon mitigation begins with an on-site consultation during which our mitigation specialist will determine the details for a mitigation system that will achieve a significant radon reduction while using minimal energy.

The basic method for mitigating radon involves identifying and sealing pathways where soil gas is drawn into your home followed by the design and installation of an active soil depressurization system (ASD).

We take pride in our design process with the goal to provide you with a mitigation system that is effective, safe and as energy efficient as possible. We carry hundreds of unique specialized parts to ensure your installation in clean, serviceable, and cost-effective. A typical radon mitigation system costs $2500 + taxes (crawlspaces or complex homes can be more). 

Our installers use specialized equipment and diagnostic methods to ensure your system is properly located and to allow us to select the appropriate fan and pipe configuration. 

Our methods and experience allow us to confidently guarantee a post-mitigation radon level below 100 bq/m3 and most of our projects achieve levels between 10-50 bq/m3. Contact us if you would like to further discuss radon mitigation for your home. 

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