Corentium Digital Radon Monitor


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Corentium Digital Radon Monitor  is a  new hand-held device only recently made available in Canada and is designed for use in homes, workplaces or schools.


  • Battery powered, allowing the monitor to be easily moved around a building
  • Battery life of approximately 3 years
  • New technology makes it much easier to locate the radon entry points in buildings
  • Gives you the option to read the average value for 1 day, for 7 days, and for the last year
  • 1 year warranty


PLEASE NOTE: This newly available radon monitor is not yet a C-NRPP (Canadian National Radon Proficiency Program) certified testing device.  It is therefore our requirement (as certified measurement and mitigation providers) to suggest that this device not be used as the sole method of radon testing prior to making a mitigation decision.  It is in our opinion a very suitable device for ongoing observation of radon levels, and particularly useful for monitoring of post mitigation radon levels and for gauging the effectiveness of air sealing mitigation strategies.